Covid in California: I scream for ICE CREAM! And so does Marlon Barillas

March 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I scream for ICE CREAM! And so does this guy right here. 😋

I met Marlon in between photo shoots while I was walking down Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. I smelled the impeccably fresh waffle cones of Salt & Straw, looked up, and there he was...waiting patiently in line outside this ice cream shop’s plexiglass setup.

Marlon saw my camera and immediately struck up a conversation: "You into photography?" "Why, yes...I am a photographer", I said. 📸

Although all I saw at first was his patriotic face covering, I knew this man was smiling underneath. 🇺🇸  I mean, the guy was getting ice cream for himself and his son (who was waiting in the car) on a Saturday afternoon! 🤩

See below for my interview with Marlon:

RR: Is there a story behind your mask?
MB: "The story behind my mask is freedom, the hope for a better future, and for the start of a revolution."

RR: How has Covid-19 impacted you personally?
MB: "Very stressful to say the least, you feel a headache and you wonder if you have it or not. Most of us are getting mentally sick, if anything..."

RR: Did you or anyone you know get Covid-19?
MB: "Two of my sisters got it and my niece's grandma died a few days ago from it."

RR: What do you miss most about life before Covid-19?
MB: "Taking my kid to parks without the fear of contracting the disease."

RR: What has covid made you grateful for?
MB: "If anything, just life itself, looking around you and appreciating the beautiful world."

RR: What has been the biggest challenge for you during this time? 
MB: "Hanging with my kid every other weekend and being afraid that I might get him sick...oh, and eating out!

RR: What are you most excited for when things return to “normal”?
MB: "Traveling and being able to see my parents without any fear!"

Furthermore, Salt and Straw's Covid-19 setup is something worth talking about...the plexiglass installation and the ability to order everything outside makes it a safe space for anyone with a sweet tooth! Plus, it’s delicious! 🍦

Marlon’s story reminds us to enjoy the little things and to satisfy those foodie cravings, whenever the opportunity arises 😁


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